Kumo Taiko is in partnership with Studio Takumi. All drums and equipments are proudly produced here in New Zealand. 
If you are interested in purchasing any of the drums or equipments we use please contact Studio Takumi.


Ohira daiko (big flat drum) is the largest drum in the hirado daiko family. It produces a deep, thunder-like sound that will vibrate through your whole body.


Nagado daiko (long body drum) is the most popular kind of taiko.  It is sometimes called chu daiko (middle sized drum) among taiko players. It is played in various positions and styles.


Appropriately named after its short and flat body, Hira Daiko ("flat drum") is manufactured in the same way as Nagado-daiko.  When compared to a Nagado-daiko of the same diameter, a Hira Daiko produces a lighter and higher sound.


The shime-taiko is a small Japanese drum. It has a short but wide body with higher pitch than other taiko drums making it ideal for keeping time.


Bachi are the drumsticks used for playing taiko.  Taiko bachi are made in a wide variety of sizes and materials, as appropriate to the drum which they will be used to play.



Saturday Classes: 

  • 12noon to 1:30pm Intro Class

  • 1.30pm to 3pm Intermediate Class

  • 3pm to 4.30pm Advance Class 

Friday Night Class:

  • 6pm to 7:30pm Open Class

Term Schedule & Fees for 2020:

  • Summer Intro To Taiko Course - ​

Starts on 24th January at Mt Wellington

Starts on 25th January at Penrose

  • Winter Intro to Taiko Course - 

Starts on 24th July at Mt Wellington

Starts on 25th July at Penrose 


Fees: - ​

  • $100 for 5 weeks of taiko intro course

Regular Taiko Class Schedule:

  • Term 1 -  25th January to 4th April 

*No regular class on 27th and 28th March

  • Term 2 -  16th May to 18th July 

  • Term 3 -  starts on 25th July (no class on 12th and 26th September) 

  • KUMO WINTER TAIKO CAMP - 12th/13th September

  • Term 4 - date to be confirmed


Fees - 

  • $150 for the whole term or $20 for casual classes


Email: kumotaiko@gmail.com

Tel: 021-646227


Friday Night Classes:

198 Marua Rd, Mount Wellington, Auckland.

Saturday Classes:

60 Rockfield Road, Penrose, Auckland. (We are in the Gym which is located at the end of the drive way, last building)


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