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2017 Miyake Workshop

Kumo Taiko is honored to present workshops by the famed Tsumura family from the Miyake Island. The Tsumura family, led by father Akio Tsumura, is credited with preserving and teaching Miyake style to many taiko groups around the world, including the iconic Japanese performing arts ensemble Kodo. It is through Kodo’s international concerts and tours, Miyake has become a hugely popular piece imitated by taiko groups across the globe. The members of the Tsumura family have devoted themselves to share the enormous depths of their cherished tradition to the world through workshops and performances and we are thrilled to host the first ever Miyake workshop in New Zealand!

The two day Miyake workshop will take place in Auckland, from Saturday 1st July 2017 to Sunday 2nd July 2017. Participants will learn the fundamentals of playing Miyake (including striking technique, stance and rhythm) as well as having the rare opportunity to learn Kiyari (the traditional Japanese ceremonial song).

Date: Saturday 1st July - Sunday 2nd July

For more information please email:

Here's a promo video for Tsumura family concert featuring members of Kodo as guests: Here's an English website with great information about the traditions:

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