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Kagami Biraki! (Breaking the Mirror)

It was an early start (8am on Saturday morning!) but it was all worth it. Thank you Auckland Seido Karate Morningside dojo for inviting us to perform for your Kagami Biraki (breaking the mirror) - this is a special event Auckland Seido Karate Club do every year to start their new year. The ceremony started with a formal speech from the Kyoshi Patrick, to explain the meaning of Kagami Biraki and set encouraging goals for the members. Then we (Kumo Taiko) and Auckland Tsugaru Shamisen both performed a few items to show case the power of taiko and the beauty of shamisen playing. The best part was the breakfast after - with freshly made coffee and icecream!

It was a great event, good energy, yummy food - fantastic start to 2017!!

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