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2017 NZ Miyake Intensive Workshop

The first Miyake Taiko workshop in New Zealand was a huge success!

What an AMAZING weekend! We were so lucky to have Akio Tsumura and Hidenori Tsumura coming to NZ to share their knowledge and wisdom with us. The 10 hours of Miyake almost felt too short! There are still so much more to learn!!

And thank you to all the NZ taiko friends from Tamashii, Haere Mai, Narukami and Taikoza for coming to share and support this event! And special thanks to Yuko, Mami, Noriko, Manabu and Ayako for coming from Japan and Australia!!!

Huge thank you to Melanie Taylor for an amazing job interpreting the workshop through out the weekend! Your knowledge of the language and the insight of the art of taiko playing is definitely one of the key elements that made this workshop successful!

Let's do this again!!

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