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2019 NZ 2nd Miyake Intensive Workshop

One EPIC weekend of Miyake Workshop! 32 participants from Japan, Australia, Wellington and Auckland that took part in 10 hours of hard drumming this weekend. There were sweats and broken bachi but it didn't stop us.

Huge thanks to the Tsumura sensei - Kazu sensei and Haru sensei, thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for Miyake with us!! Thank you to the talented Melanie for interpreting for us! Thank you to the Miyake participants that came all the way from Japan and Australia: Yuko, Mami, Noriko, Miki, Alison, Jaclyn, Masae and Ayako!! And also for the NZ taiko teams: Kumo members, Tamashii, Narukami and Taikoza; thank you for coming and supporting this event, couldn’t have done it without you guys! Washoii! ❤️

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